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The goal of this wiki is to aggregate information about how to properly use, maintain and mod your Prusa 3D printer. We created this wiki because we could not find a "one stop shop" for information about how to properly set-up, use, maintain and mod our Prusa 3D printers. Currently most information is shared on Forums, Reddit, Thingiverse, PrusaPrinters, and YouTube. These are great places for the community to collaborate in real time, but things easily get "buried" and valuable information can be lost to the constant flow of new discussions and content. This is the place to archive the important information created on all of these platforms - if you see a thing, guide, mod, tip or other information that you found helpful, don't just bookmark the page - create a page here! so someone else can easily benefit from your findings as well.

Getting Started Edit

1. Building Your 3D Printer Edit

2. First Prints Edit

3. Further Calibration and Troubleshooting Edit

4. Modification Edit

Simple Edit

  • Nyloc Mod - Bed Leveling
  • Octoprint - Set up remote monitoring and printing with a Raspberry Pi or other embedded computer
  • Reverse Bowden Mod - Move your filament off of your frame and improve the quality of your prints
  • Ikea Lack Enclosure - A very popular home-built enclosure for Prusa 3D printers, based on the Ikea Lack Side Table

Complex Edit

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