Also Known as Live Z Adjustment - First Layer Calibration is used to set how much lower than the normal Z-Height the nozzle should sit to create proper first layer adhesion. The first layer is often the make or break layer for a print, so good first layer calibration is key.

There are a number of different methods to set your first layer height:

  1. On-Board Routine
  2. "Life-Z"
  3. Other calibration prints

On Board Routine Edit

The best guide to getting a good first layer calibration using the one board routine is this one on YouTube. The routine is not self explanatory and this video walks you through how to efficiently use the routine to set a good first layer height.

Life - Z Edit

Life - Z is a print which is designed to make it easy to set your first layer height by printing it and using the live z calibration function to dial in a good first layer height. Read more about how to use it by following the link.

Other Calibration Prints Edit

Many people have created first layer calibration prints that are designed to help you dial in a good first layer across your entire bed. Put your favorite here too:

  • Build Plate Leveler - Good not only for checking if your first layer calibration is correct at the center, but across the whole bed.
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